Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daily Ode 17

Some quick studies/sketches in paint and pencil. A partial ode to childhood. I'll be adding some pop culture items in my daily work. But, a lot of it will be some of my own children's book style work. I like working on both.

Tomorrow is the start of a new continuing theme all year. Maybe once a week? Daily (or 'every other day') Ode to books.

listening to this while I scanned in the sketches. Wish I was at that pub and I had a cool vintage styled dress with side buttons like Lisa's. And the red hat too. But, then again if I wore it, I'd look more like an elf.

for today:
1-chewable vitamins making me feel like a kid but they are basic circle shapes and not the 'Flinstone' brand I used to have growing up.
2-appreciating the color aqua
3-the clickety clack sound of my thrifted typewriter
4-watching the classic The Color Purple ... and will admit to needing some tissues. I hadn't seen it in years, but the ending, always gets to me.
5-lemon scented dust cloths in use while organizing my studio space.