Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 8 ... sweet louise

One of my first assignments when I was a freelance photographer was of a local university's move-in day and the start of the fall semester. I was supposed to walk around between photographing events and take pictures of students for the school to use in their catalog, postcards and website.
The one student above was waiting for a friend to finish eating. They were going to practice basketball before basketball practice. He didn't see the humor. Not many people see my humor though. So, I continued and asked him about his tattoo hidden by his awesomely yellow arm band. He pushed the band to his wrist and said, "Sweet Louise, you mean?"
Without even asking he told me Sweet Louise was his grandmother. She was never called Louise without the sweet in front of it. The woman who raised him and the reason he was in college. She passed away and he wanted to take her to school with him somehow, ... "at least in ink" he said.
The Hallmark card moment was soon broken. Before I could get fully teary eyed his friend yelled over, "Keg party tonight, BooYah!"
Let's hope Sweet Louise didn't hear that.